Smartphone-based saliva test that can detect COVID-19 earns UF professor honors in national contest

Dr. Rhoel Dinglasan and his industry collaborators have won 2nd place in a tech competition sponsored by the NIH for a smartphone-based, rapid saliva test they developed that can be…

Gators helping a gator: Bob, a 660-pound alligator treated at UF, goes viral

The reptile, owned by St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, came to the UF Veterinary Hospital for x-rays to determine a cause for lameness.

Professor of infectious diseases named associate dean for research

Dr. David Pascual has held the post on an interim basis for over two years. His appointment is effective immediately.

Couple creates $1 million professorship honoring UF veterinary college faculty member

The new professorship honors Dr. Michael Schaer for his contributions to the college and the veterinary profession.


Two-way viral spread

The advent of COVID-19 put the spotlight back on diseases we can catch from animals. But microbial transmission cuts both ways. That’s right — sometimes it’s people who spread pathogens…

Getting pets into a new routine

For lots of us, COVID dictated a new stay-at-home routine, and our pets have been basking in that extra time with Mom or Dad. But sooner or later, things will…

Paying attention to plague

Bubonic plague isn’t the scourge it was centuries ago, but it’s still around. Yersinia pestis [yer-SĬN-ē-ah PESS-tiss], the bacteria responsible, is carried in fleas that live mostly on rodents. Animals…

Benefits of bloodwork

During your pet’s wellness exam, do your eyes glaze over when your veterinarian recommends bloodwork? After all, isn’t that just for sick pets? Sure, that’s one reason. Results of blood…


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